07/03/2013 11:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Returning to Jacob's Pillow


Jamal Jackson Dance Company

by Christopher Duggan

I've been waiting 10 long months for this.

Every year, I am so excited to return to Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, to photograph amazing dancers and festival life and settle back in to our cozy cabin in the Berkshires. For the past two summers, I've been blogging about the week's dance performances, students at The School and more.



But it's always the performances on the outdoor Inside/Out stage that I look forward to most. Inside/Out is one of Jacob's Pillow's most celebrated series, offering free outdoor dance performances four nights a week during the festival season, with each show set in the lush scenery of the Berkshire hills. It's a pleasure and an honor to make photographs that reflect the grandeur of the Inside/Out experience -- watching dance atop a mountain, under the open sky. Especially since outdoor dance scenes have been iconic of Jacob's Pillow since its founding. (You've seen John Lindquist's photos of Ted Shawn & His Men Dancers, right?)

That's why I chose to highlight Inside/Out during my photographic exhibition at the National Museum of Dance last year.


Oyo Oro AfroCuban

It's great to be back! Especially since this season offers such a rich mix of companies -- many I know and love and many I get to meet and photograph for the first time. This past week's Inside/Out shows included dancer and choreographer Hari Krishnan. He was in From the Horse's Mouth last year, and he's become a friend of mine, so it was just neat to see him and photograph his company inDance.


Dances for a Variable Population

We had fantastic weather for all the shows, too. See more of this year's Pillow blog series here.


Hari Krishnan's inDance

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