01/29/2013 04:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Love Letter to Hollywood

Dear Hollywood,

We've known each other since I was 5 years old.

How special you are beyond the sights of the tour buses.

You exist at the end of a long wait for an Astro Burger order at 2 a.m. with onion rings stacked.

There are secret statues along Sunset Boulevard of Greek philosophers speaking truth next to the strip clubs.

Your waiters spill out from hopefully soon-to-be-over nighttime gigs at clubs and restaurants where they serve who they hope to be.


Your mountains have secret trails and legends of their own that can only be fully explored on life altering dates with a woman who causes trembles as moves towards finally kissing her are made.

The stools in diners like Angels, up past the Sunset Boulevard most tourists know, still turn slowly, and the clock on the wall is backwards while nobody says a word.

There is always an alley where actors are practicing their lines -- but only when it's light. The shift happens after sunset and it all starts again.

You have classic horror movies showing for free on the walls of the oddest places, and all around the glow, young lovers, and those looking for love outside of their Facebook status, are settling in for the night.

Across the street, at the bus stop, more citizens sit and wait for a ride home.

The strange thing, for me at least, Hollywood, is that everyone who comes here wants to be on a screen instead of part of your insides.

The rest of the world is beginning to catch up with your ability, but I believe it's your soul that will keep them falling in love, forever.

This book, Hollywood Forever, is how I saw you all those years.