05/24/2005 04:20 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

On Slander, Innuendo, and Bar-Mitzvah Dances

If I replied to all the slander that appears on blogs, I would have no job and no life. Regarding Max Blumenthal's clumsy innuendo, however, I make one lenient exception and one non-lenient one. I still feel an affectionate interest in a young scribe at whose bar-mitzvah I danced. And I still, always, sue anyone who accuses me of bigotry or Holocaust-denial. Young master Blumenthal can relax: his attempted association was too lax and too cowardly. Anyone thinking of running with it, however, can check my website and view the correspondence with the lawyers of the last person who tried this: Mr Henry Kissinger.

Anyone further interested in my views may care to read the David Irving chapter in my latest book, Love, Poverty and War.

David Horowitz can well defend himself and has I believe already done so. Still, I must say I resent the further imputation about my friend Marla Ruzicka, about whom I wrote a short obituary and for whose bereaved family my wife gave a reception at our home. At this level of disrespect for fact or decency, one hopes not to have to speculate about how far the Blumenthal apple managed to roll from the tree.