10/02/2012 04:07 pm ET Updated Dec 02, 2012

Why All Women Should Vote for Obama

Here's the thing. The Obama/Biden ticket is not just about women's reproductive
choices. It's about the issues that are OUR issues. Obama and Biden like women. They
respect us. They want us to make more money at our jobs. They want to keep after school
programs for our kids. They pass legislation to protect women against domestic violence.

They want to help single mothers. Of which there are many. They want to help us get our
kids into college. They get what is important to us. They have really smart, cool wives.
Women who have ideas and ambition. Who want to change things. Who can help make
a difference. They also have children. And are aware of the hard work it takes to keep a
family together.

Women's issues are family issues. No matter what your family looks like. You really
need to ask yourself -- and I mean seriously ask yourself -- do you want to give birth to
your rapist's baby or do you want to plan your own family. This isn't a moral issue. It's
a quality of life issue. What kind of life are we as women allowed to have? If you listen
to the Romney/Ryan camp it seems like there is no place for us at all. Part of the reason
is they have no idea of which they speak. They are so far removed from the threat of
assault. It's like asking a non-gay person to understand being gay or a non-alcoholic to
understand addiction. It's not possible. However it is possible to have compassion for
and to think out of your own comfort zone and open your mind to the needs of people
who aren't like yourself. And to truly believe that they deserve the same opportunities
you had even if they didn't come from the same place socio-economically. Everyone had
to start somewhere.

I'm still not sure where all the rage is. It needs to be out in the streets not in our wine
glasses, desserts and our countless conversation about foods we're not eating. And where
we're shopping. Or who wore it better. This stuff I'm talking about is real. Where are
you going to have your babies? Where are you going to put your aging parents? If you
want to start a business how will you provide health insurance for your families? When
you're working full-time -- where will your children play after school?

It hasn't been that long ago when men could institutionalize their wives just because they
wanted to. Just because they talked to much or asked too many questions. Or had too
many ideas.

Even though the ERA was never passed, don't forget how many women fought and
sacrificed so many of you younger woman could go to law school. Could get promoted
in corporate positions. Could play professional sports. It wasn't that long ago when
women doing things like that was looked upon as radical.

You may think this election is about abortion and gay marriage but really it's about rich
and poor. And it's about women and freedom. It is a class election -- and If you are not rich or super rich and realistically have no way to
get there besides winning the lottery -- then you should not be voting for Romney. It is
really that simple.

And to all you straight ladies, contrary to what magazines and advertisers tell us -- there
are plenty of men out there.
So don't play small thinking it will buy you some love -- because it won't. Live as big as
you can. It's so much more worth it. There are no big answers, just risks we are willing
to take. And now is the time to take them.