10/26/2005 11:00 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

News Hounds is upset at me for seeming to hang up on Bill Kristol, the chickenhawk-in-chief. But really, folks, a fear of confronting neocons and other warmongers is not among my failings. Here is what happened.

I have a firm rule, after many bad experiences, of never appearing on FOX News. It's the Ministry of Propaganda for the Republicans after all. I was in Washington for our White House vigil mourning the 2000th victim of George Bush and his Merchants of Death. Through a mix-up, I was told the local FOX affiliate wanted a short interview. Agree with me or not, these local stations have always been fair and balanced.

When I realized, upon hearing the dreaded Kristol Jr. moniker, that I was on national FOX, I was outta there. I had many people, including actual journalists, waiting to talk to me, after all.

But if anyone wants to set up a non-FOX debate between me and Bill, I say, Bring it on.