03/29/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Home Brewing With the Pacific Gravity Home Brew Club (Video)

On today's episode of Kitchy TV, the lovely Nathalie Balandran (or, I should say Mrs. Caldwell?) of the Pacific Gravity Ladies' Home Brew Club walks me through my first attempt at home brewing. With a recipe for Humulus Blonde generously leant to us by Patrick Rue of The Bruery, Nathalie and I boiled up a batch Belgian ale that won us the Silver Medal at the Queen of the Brew Competition. So, yeah, we're kind of a big deal, just sayin'....
Our award winning beer (I have never won anything, so I am soooo milking this) was renamed Humulus Auburn, due to the rich caramel hue imparted by our malt extract. Perfectly balanced with vegetative hops (think citrus, asparagus, pine), cotton candy notes (so says Patrick Rue), a well rounded mouth feel, and a frothy thick head, this beer is a strong, vibrant, and easy to drink.
We also take a peek at The Bruery's fall selection, Autumn Maple. A brown ale brewed with yams, cinnamon, nutmeg, molasses, maple syrup, and whole vanilla beans, this beer is dry and sophisticated despite its sweet components, which reveal themselves in restrained measures, never overwhelming the palette of the beer. It's absolutely delicious and the perfect partner for Thanksgiving dinner, or any holiday season dinner for that matter. So whether you're watching to see how brewing is done, or you want to salivate as I imbibe Patrick's beer, enjoy!
The finished product...
Here is the recipe if you feel the urge to brew it yourself (just click on the photos and they'll get larger):

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