03/31/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Buttermilk Truck

First off, points for the name. "Buttermilk Truck" just sounds delicious and guilt-inducing. Additionally, it's fun to say: Buttermilk Truck, Buttermilk truck, Buddermelktuck...and so on. My sister has been begging me to try this breakfast truck for weeks now, and when she first mentioned it, I asked, "Oh, was it good?"
"I haven't tried it," she snorts incredulously. "It just SOUNDS amazing."
Good enough for me. Plus, French Toast Sticks!
The menu is made up of mini classics: the aforementioned French Toast Sticks, Donut Bites (aka Donut Holes), Pancake Bites, and Breakfast Biscuits piled with a fried egg and sausage. Everything is delicious and straightforward. Nothing feels too precious despite the "bite sized" menu. Amanda and I marveled at the perfect donut holes. Crunchy and a little fatty, they tasted exactly like the donuts my Grandpa made with us when we were little. We wrestled over the hash browns like two pelicans squawking over a guppy, our gullets puffing with anticipation. After we jolted awake from our breakfast black-out, our fingers tinged with oil and errant donut crumbs itching under our shirts, we came to the conclusion that Buttermilk Truck lived up to its adorable name and Amanda's lofty expectations. Yum!
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