07/09/2013 01:29 pm ET Updated Sep 01, 2013

We the Young People of Zimbabwe

We the people of Zimbabwe,
"United in our diversity by our common desire for freedom, justice and equality... Determined to overcome all challenges and obstacles that impede our progress, Cherishing freedom, equality, peace, justice, tolerance, prosperity and patriotism in search of new frontiers under a common destiny."

Above is indeed the first part of the Zimbabwean constitution final draft made in January this year 2013. If it is that we the people of Zimbabwe regardless of where we are now will act to overcome our challenges as a nation then this time is a time that calls for action.

In chapter 2: 20 of the Zimbabwean constitution it is interesting to read about the obligation the State and institutions must take for youth, yet surprisingly this part contains no information on the obligation of young people to its nation. There are two charters that you as the young born free Zimbabwe and as the youth of Africa must know and execute for the development of the Africa. An Africa that young people have an opinion about.

The African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance

All Africans and particularly youth and people with disability are entitled to systematic and comprehensive civic eduction and other measures to promote their full participation in democracy and development processes

Why Zimbabwe did not support this Charter above on, we the people of Zimbabwe must ask ourselves! Why the most important document which forms the very essence and foundation of how Zimbabwe is governed and thus shaped, clarifies the rights of its people and protects us has no ratification from our side of the continent. This is another story and this should not be a reason to completely neglect the responsibility we have beyond being Zimbabwean. We, the youth of Africa must know that we have responsibilities and this articulates it clearly :

Article 26: Responsibilities of Youth (African Youth Charter)

"Every young person shall have responsibilities towards his family and society, the State, and the international community.

Includes d) "Partake fully in citizenship duties including voting, decision making and governance"

With this in mind fellow countrymen and women of cause may you take that responsibility and go and vote if you can. Why it is important, because we form part of the parcel of good governance!