10/14/2014 01:31 pm ET Updated Dec 14, 2014

With a Conscience: 'Diamonds in the Soles of Her Shoes'

Lucy von Held via Getty Images

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." -- Marilyn Monroe

I have a huge problem. I am a "shoe-a-holic." There I said it, and I am not ashamed. Attention men, attention. Women love their shoes and you should be grateful for that because without our shoes and yes, our handbags, we might as well be shadows; void of color and texture and individuality. We are... "our shoes."

Why are shoes important to us? I'll tell you why. It's because shoes define who we are at any given moment. The smart man will at first glance, take a look at the shoes his date is wearing and instantly know where he's heading that night. Shoes tell us where we've been and where we're headed. They can be impressive or used for show. The right shoes give us freedom and keep us honest.

Shoes are a lot like relationships. (Chew on that for a second, will you?) New shoes are like new relationships. We instantly fall in love at first sight. We buy into them with all of the altruism and hope for their wear. That is until we put them on for a trial run. Some shoes, although beautiful, will give us blisters, bunions and cause an insurmountable amount of pain. The question then becomes, do we continue to wear them until they are broken in or do we cast them aside for the comfortable worn pair of moccasins? Do we return them, get our money back and go back to the shoe rack? When a woman buys a pair of shoes, she buys them with the very best of intentions. When she commits to a relationship, guaranteed, like a favorite pair of shoes, she's made a major purchase or investment with her emotions. Shoes define us.

When I moved in with my husband, I remember the look of disbelief at the boxes of shoes awaiting their transport to their new home. They filled the entire back of his truck. I thought his tears were tears of joy about starting our lives together but then I saw the closets I would be using and understood, his were tears of major concern. Which would win? Him or the shoes? There had to be compromise. He bought me two shoe racks. I reluctantly gave up a few pairs because well, even shoes run their course. Sad but true.

No one pair of shoes are alike. They are as diverse as we are and they are personal. Let's not forget that it is our feet that carry us and get us from one place to another. Our feet carry our weight and our shoes keeps us moving in the right direction...hopefully. If our feet are happy, so are we. We are what we wear on our feet. The story of Cinderella taught us that. The glass slipper opened up new doors for the fairy tale heroine. She realized shoes made the woman. She had a fairy godmother. We have the internet and DSW Shoe Outlet.

Whenever I buy a new pair of shoes, I look at the soles. I look at their construction. I think about whether they will be a good fit. This has become my mantra for my relationships and my day to day trials and tribulations. My shoes have taught me to problem solve.

Shoes make women happy. So gentlemen, the next time you see a box delivered from Amazon.Com or see a shoe box from Macy's feel grateful. Your woman has just increased her trust and made a personal choice to assert her politics, her individuality and her desire to be attractive. She renewed her identity for her sake and for yours. If the shoe fits, your world just got a whole lot more interesting.