08/01/2011 08:03 am ET Updated Oct 01, 2011

Let Fitness Improve Your Whole Life

Hello readers and welcome to my blog. Some of you may be familiar with me through my work as a celebrity trainer or some of my appearances on TV shows such as "Make Me a Supermodel." This is my first blog post, and I intend to take you on a journey into the mind of a diabolical fitness madman. I pull no punches and I call things like they are. If you are easily offended or are in the company of small impressionable children I urge you to look away. You can't handle the truth!

Let's be honest, being fit isn't for everyone. Many people lack the most important component of a healthy lifestyle: self-discipline. It takes a lot of self-discipline to stay healthy in today's world. We are literally bombarded all day long with things that will steer us right off of our goals and into the land of beer bellies and cottage cheese thighs. From that bagel cart we pass on our way to the subway to the pile of menus at your office you order from on your lunch break. Sure, you can make excuses. Go ahead, make 'em! I've heard them all.

"I don't have the time." Bull! "I don't know what to do." More bull. Or "I have a bad knee." Whaa? Save it for someone who cares. I don't. What about this one? " I have a thyroid..." Yeah, and? Plenty of people have it a lot worse than you, they make do with what they've got and they excel.

We all have it tough. Get that through your head first. Every single person you see who has a level of fitness you admire has that one thing I mentioned earlier, and that, friends, is self-discipline.

The good news? You can change. You can right that ship. It's all about that P.M.A! The Bad Brains (and Mr. Carnegie) were right! You gotta have that positive mental attitude. You gotta wake up in the morning with a stiff upper lip. You gotta look in the mirror and say to yourself I can change, I will change and I am better than this.

With fitness, every single aspect of your life is positively impacted. You wake up early and go to the gym or the jiujitsu school or whatever it is that you enjoy. You overcome the urge to be weak. You get tough. When you leave, you feel better, you look better and you hold yourself up a little bit taller. Your rosy cheeks and the bee-bop in your step continues as you stop by your dry cleaner. Bob the dry cleaner notices you are a nicer, happier, more gracious customer. He cuts you a break on that stain removal. You see your husband or your girlfriend, and you are in a better mood and this is contagious! People start gravitating towards you. You are a better, more efficient employee. You are nicer to everyone you come in contact with, and it's all because you fulfilled your promise to yourself. You didn't make a lame excuse. You got your butt up and did work. You worked hard and then you went a little bit harder. The endorphins drip along with the sweat, and your entire day is looking a whole lot better.

Your life is looking a whole lot better.