12/09/2013 10:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Today in the Mind of Quddus Philippe


Quddus Philippe is the Founder and CEO of The Q Side Entertainment. He was named one of the most inspirational people on the Internet by Dell. Formerly, he was a TV host with MTV's Total Request Live and has hosted shows on NBC, CBS, ABC. Quddus currently serves as a board member for Generosity Water and works on projects to include getting emotional intelligence curriculum in schools. Follow Quddus on Twitter: @iamQuddus

What can light up your creativity/inspiration instantly?

QP: A "problem" to solve.

What's one good question you ask a lot?

QP: Whenever the topic of what someone does for a living comes up, I ask if they love it. I find that question opens the door to my favorite kind of conversation which is about whether someone is living their purpose. If they answer unenthusiastically, it gives me the opportunity to ask follow up questions that will support them in arriving at what would light them up and then empowering them to see that they can do it.

If now is a good time, what would you let go of?

QP: My need for approval. I've become very well aware of my need to be liked and it's not what I want to be driving the bus anymore. There's a real freedom in not caring so much what other people think.

If you could experience for a day the life of one other person, whom would that be?

QP: Jay-Z. I'd make a point of doing the most activism and charity I possibly could that day, then taking Harry Belafonte to dinner.

What do you know to be true?

QP: Everyone is worthy of love. I know for most of my life I never felt like I was good enough. No matter what I accomplished or what people said to me, I never felt like it was enough. It took a series of very transformational experiences for me to snap out of that. What's true is that everyone was born into this world with the same right to happiness but we need to accept how worthy we are of it before that happiness can be sustainable.