09/30/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Does Palin Believe in "Access to Abortion Services" or Just Take Photos with Groups that Do?

We know Gov. Sarah Palin has some baggage that makes her a pretty risky choice for McCain: she's embroiled in an abuse of power investigation, was for the infamous "bridge to nowhere" before she lied about being against it, is pretty cozy with corrupt Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens, doesn"t exactly know what the vice president's job actually is, etc., etc.

But at the end of the day, she is anti-choice to the core, potentially helping McCain pull in huge numbers of voters not sufficiently inspired by his credentials on this, the signature issue of the far right. And it worked perfectly -- right-wing Christian figureheads came out of the woodwork yesterday to praise McCain for his selection of Palin. Even James Dobson, who said he would not vote for McCain "under any circumstances," has come around and is evidently pretty amped about the McCain-Palin ticket. How great.

But I'm confused about what went on in her 2007 meeting with Alaska's Alliance for Reproductive Justice, which "Advocate[s] for access to abortion services and high quality reproductive health care for Alaskan women." That encounter prompted one participant to say, Palin "took the time to talk with us about her own experiences as a working mother, and relayed her support for women's health."

It does look like they were cool with what they heard, no?


(Gov. Palin is in the green long-sleeved number in the middle.)

Paging Dr. Dobson!