05/01/2013 04:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Comfort and Style Make Bold Statements at Northeastern University

The fashion scene in Boston is highly underrated. Yes, Boston is a tourist destination which often attracts a number of fanny-pack wearing out-of-towners, but that is in no way representative of the thriving fashion scene on college campuses throughout the city. While I can always spot stylish Fashionista/os in Back Bay, I find the most inspiration on my own campus at Northeastern University. Although I tend to see a lot of average looks that consist of jeans, sweaters and a dearth of accessories, there are still students on campus who channel their creativity with their fashion choices.

While many students share an appreciation for a good pair of lace-up ankle boots, cute floral dresses and outerwear with fur-trimmed hoods, no one sacrifices comfort for style. This is not to say that I haven't seen students sporting a higher-than-average pair of heels to class though. Since Northeastern students are always trekking from club meetings to co-op interviews to various events on campus, they recognize the importance of being able to get places quickly in stylish yet comfortable attire.

Students here make the idea of comfort and style an everyday reality. Some of the many ways they make this duo possible is with smart layers, sleek outerwear and boots of every color and height. It's safe to say that we all have our seasonal staples that make appearances throughout the year.

The best and most popular staples are ones that can transition from season to season. As broke and practical college students, this is something we all keep in mind. This Fashionista is sporting a great look that is full of stylish staples that can be worn with a winter ensemble or bright spring outfit. She keeps things cheerful and fun with layers and bold accessories, but also stays comfortable in her favorite pair of jeweled cowboy boots. Her outfit embodies the playfulness that fellow students display in their outfits when the temperature is above 50 degrees. She is the perfect example of the fashion conscious eclectic-chic students that make up Northeastern University.

In order to take advantage of the spring weather, she opts for a pair of knee-high socks instead of tights. Knee-high socks are great accessories that work well in the winter layered over tights, or on a refreshingly sunny day with a pair of boots and colorful dress. Her socks also give a nod to the trendy schoolgirl look without the Peter Pan collar and plaid skirt. This Fashionista also got creative with the top half of her look. Instead of wearing her purple dress by itself, she smartly layers a pink T-shirt and denim jacket on top. No matter how nice and sunny the weather can be, Boston never lets the wind stay at bay. This makes layering a yearlong necessity.

In preparation for the unexpected gusts of wind, she finishes her layers off with a classic denim jacket. These jackets are a staple that a lot of Fashionistas can be spotted wearing on campus. They have also become more popular amongst the Fashionistas on campus who I see rocking the trendy '90s inspired denim on denim looks.

Topping off this Fashionista's girly-eclectic ensemble, she is donning some sparkly and colorful accessories. She starts with some glamorous studs and an equally shiny necklace. Along with this sparkly duo, she layers a long silver necklace on top. Layering jewelry, particularly necklaces, has been a trend that I have noticed more and more on campus. Students make it clear that layering is not just limited to their clothes.

Paying homage to the lovely spring weather, she incorporates an assortment of bold colors into the rest of her accessories. Her coral, turquoise, and yellow bangles add a perfect pop of color and complement her shirt and tote bag. Like many students on campus, she has ditched the backpack for a stylish and unique tote. Students here definitely stand out with their one-of-a-kind accessories and combination of jewelry.

Despite the inspiration that can be drawn from our international peers, the urban setting of Boston and various street style blogs, Northeastern students truly dress for themselves. Often times you will spot them wearing a handful of unique accessories that they can always be seen wearing (like this Fashionista's boots). The Fashionista's on campus are not to be forgotten either. More often than not, I will see them looking dapper in cuffed jeans, a stylish jacket and a pair of sharp lace-ups. All in all, Northeastern students are confident in their typically laid-back but put together ensembles. They aren't afraid to break the fashion rules and their style is certainly not going unnoticed.