05/01/2013 04:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

UGA Street Style

The University of Georgia is tucked away in Athens, Georgia in the northeastern corner of the state. This obscure location may not establish UGA as a fashion mecca, but don't let the seemingly secluded position fool you. UGA students are part of a unique group that knows style. However, it's hard to define a single style that reflects a University of Georgia student.

UGA is known nationwide for its athletics and academics alike, while Athens is an internationally famous city that musicians and bands such as R.E.M., the B-52s, and Danger Mouse call home. This competitive and creative atmosphere provides the perfect sartorial inspiration for students. Just as the University of Georgia is culturally and academically diverse, so is the style. On any given day, you can see a collection of fraternity and sorority members sporting preppy getups, artists and other creative majors with an imaginative mélange of vintage finds, and business or government majors in their best business casual. Across campus, regardless of majors, students put their most fashionable foot forward.

Of course, there are those students that are not content with simply donning a few stylish pieces and calling it a day. These ultimate trendsetters construct inventive outfits and are constantly exploring their own personal style. The University of Georgia fosters and encourages creativity and this is seen most easily in the fashion choices of my peers. Their eclectic ensembles never fail to inspire me. A day never goes by that I don't do a double take when someone walks by wearing a jauntily tilted fedora or a pair of DIY'ed combat boots.

With a host of vintage shops and fashion collectives in Athens, fashion at UGA is always diverse and distinctive. Students embrace their own styles and are not afraid to think outside of the metaphorical box. This personal style philosophy holds true for Ashleigh, a thrifty Fashionista who prefers to compile unique pieces from a variety of sources. Thrift shops, vintage stores and local boutiques are all fair game. Her layered look epitomizes the functional and fashionable appearance preferred on campus.

Her turquoise midi skirt flaunts the perfect length for a day on campus. Paired with a simple black T-shirt and printed, cream-colored denim jacket, the chic skirt becomes casual and laid-back. The oversized denim jacket is unique in its own right -- the multicolored print features colonial farmyard scenes -- and she can be sure no one else on campus will have this statement piece. A thrifted find from years ago, this jacket ties the outfit together seamlessly. A pair of brown leather booties completes the ensemble and makes the arduous trek across our hilly campus a breeze.

This Fashionista is just one of the many outstanding displays of personal style at the University of Georgia. Her trendy, yet thrifty, approach to fashion gives her style a singular twist that clearly showcases her personality and easy-going demeanor. Clothes are not merely pieces of fabric, but extensions of our personalities. At UGA, students recognize this and use fashion to emphasize individuality and interests, forming a melting pot of trends and styles that combine to create an inspirational and fashionable campus.