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Keith Hewitt
So many warriors, so few shepherds.
07:18 PM on 08/16/2012
First off, your reporting is a little weak:

Romney's ad "America Deserves Better" is defnitely a Romney ad. He approved "that" message.
The Cancer ad, however, was funded by the Priorities USA PAC... which, as you know, is not in any way affiliated with the Obama campaign. SuperPAC's are not allowed to consult with the campaign, and vice versa. I'm sure regret your reporting error.

The rest of your commentary about the challenges for women seeking office do sound reasonable. But let me ask you this?

Women make up a majority in the US. This is statistically evident. That being the case, why aren't there more women in politics? Specifically, why don't women support women as candidates? It seems absolutely counterintuitive to me that women would support male candidates who aggressively prepare legislation to impede or revoke the rights of women. And yet they do, en masse. The simple fact that women make up the majority in this country should ensure equal representation. The only action a woman needs to take to make this happen is at the voting booth, where no one will know who they have voted for. Neither their fathers nor their husbands can coerce their decision on voting day.
I refuse to be a victim of Groupthink
07:04 PM on 08/16/2012
Feminist tripe. We don't "need" women in office. We need competent, exceptional people in office. Weather or not they are a woman or man is irrelevant.
06:54 PM on 08/16/2012
This goes along as to why Sarah Palin did run and continues to be a pundit. She's so stupid "words don't hurt her".
Kara Kramer
05:57 PM on 08/16/2012
How can women run for office when the entire GOP ticket thinks we're too stupid to run our own bodies and women in the media are willing to cover for them?
Ryan's views on medicare are scandalus, bu the fact that he wises to ban IUDs and morning after pills as well as ALL abortions NO exceptions is NEVER mentioned.
Mitt Romney banned RAPE VICTIMS, frm over the counter purchase of the morning after pill THE DAY AFTER THEY ARE RAPED. It's a non issue to the media.
Fetuses are allowed to speak in the state house but women are gagged.
America isn't even treating women like PEOPLE anymore, much less like leaders, and if women stay home or vote Republican in November it will get MUCH worse.
Writer, News-Junkie,Values an informed intellect
09:03 PM on 08/16/2012
Well said. Women must talk to each other about the consequences of this election. Encourage women to vote. We can make a difference. I once had the honor of meeting Gloria Steinem in the 1980's and she said we can never stop fighting for our rights. We have to be able to make our own decisions in regards to our health and our bodies.
09:06 PM on 08/16/2012
So agree...The American public has become anaesthetised to the attacks on women...decades of slow picking at women's rights, in different forums deliberately apart from government, have come to bear in this election year.

We must get out the vote, or we really face horrific terms -- Romney sure as heck will not be the "hero". The man has no idea what it feels like to be a "hero" --- no need for it. He sees women, like most Americans as resource for his own aggrandizement of power and meaning. We write his success story, if he wins...