11/06/2012 07:52 pm ET

Home Style: Chic Laundry Storage Regardless of Space

Laundry is the universal storage item that everyone has no matter where they live. Home owners often have a laundry room in the mix, but plenty do not -- particularly in condos and townhouses where washers and dryers are often tucked away in a small space or closet.

It gets even trickier for those who dwell in apartments. Even if you're not housing appliances for the task, chances are that there still needs to be a designated space for items that need washing, as well as hampers, soap and other essentials.

But, stowing laundry and other items in style can actually be easy.'s laundry expert Mary Marlowe Leverett has amazing suggestions and tips -- including for when you've got little to no extra space to work with. From vertical shelves and hanging baskets to using under-the-bed storage for dirty clothes, she's got a solution for virtually every size and shape place you might be living in.

Stores and shops are beginning to heed to the call for chic laundry hampers. Zara Home has launched with quite a few incredible, stylish options that are at great price points while you can find plenty of pretty ways to tuck your laundry items away at places like Container Store, as well as mainstream home brands that pull in your personal style and vibe to the laundry storage options they carry.

Can your laundry space and storage be as hip and fashionable as anything else in the home? You bet!

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