05/16/2012 03:23 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Five Faves:'s Mat Herman

The minute you meet's founder, Mat Herman, you instantly get why the upstart retail site is getting the buzz it has been.

His background in the furniture industry is long and impressive. In just the first fifteen minutes of our conversation, we've already covered the broad range of offline and online stores in the market, and the pain points of furnishing a city-dwelling -- odd angled rooms, tight spaces, and the fact that if you're renting it might mean packing it all up and heading across the city (or the country). As a long time veteran in the industry, Herman knows all about this.

In fact, it was what wasn't available for home shoppers that prompted's creation. Browse the store online and you'll find unique and interesting items that span a range of styles. That's another thing noted as we chat -- how difficult it is to find furniture and decor pieces in the mid-range price point that aren't modern, or corporate brand, especially online. carries plenty of things that fit modern tastes, but you'll find cool, eclectic, retro and other pieces throughout the store.

It's all curated by Herman and the team at the company, hand picked from classic and upstart home brands. You'll find everything from furniture to dinnerware, towels, sheets, art and accessories. Everything has workability together, which makes styling your place easier as you'd get by shopping at IKEA or Z Gallerie, though there are plenty of individual items across the board for home shoppers that are out to find unique and one of a kind items nobody else has.

Given that Herman has seen it all and done plenty in the furniture business, I could hardly wait to find out what his Five Faves were for this week's edition of Condiment. Among his favorites? A cool mirror inspired by the old school, classic family crest and a chic coffee table we fell in love with at the company's LA pop up store party this past month.

"The goal was to create a store where style was affordable," said Herman as we wrapped up our chat. sells individual furniture and home decor items, as well as packages.To see all of Herman's Five Faves on this week's Condiment, take a look here.