07/16/2013 05:06 pm ET

Getting the Perfect Summer Glow at Home

Getting a gorgeous summer glow from head to toe has never been easier. Products today pack a powerful punch in sloughing off dry skin, brightening complexions and making every inch of your skin smooth and soft. What's great is that they do not take a long time to use at home, range in prices for every budget and most of all, can be applied easily -- in the shower, bath or afterwards.

To get started, good products are key and the more natural the better. For amazing head-to-toe scrubbing and buffing, Smooth Naturals' Scrub Salt uses dead sea salt, walnut oil, olive oil and rice bran versus parabens, paraffin and other synthetic ingredients. Its natural banana extract scent is incredible and leaves skin silky soft. For the face, you want to be delicate with a scrub and limit use to just a few times a week at most. Suki's exfoliate foaming cleanser has the most incredible scent and does the job well.

Finish off in the shower with a great body oil -- Aura Cacia is used by editors at Condiment for its lightweight, natural ingredients. Coconut oil, available at any health food or regular market, is a great second alternative for adding moisture before you get out of the bath or shower.

Next, a great body moisturizer is necessary. Body Shop's body butter is one of the best available and at a great price point. Scents vary from fruity and fun to neutral and exotic. You can also use coconut oil here as well -- just keep it sparingly so that you don't feel greasy once finished. Be sure to include hands, cuticles, feet and toes for a soft, smooth glow.

Faux tanning has also evolved and become much easier to do on your own. Vita Liberata is a UK brand that has beauty junkies buzzing. It's easy to apply and gives a good finish -- be sure to use the accompanying application mitt for best results. We also really love SuperGoop's self tanning sunscreen. Get SPF protection and a good sunless glow.

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