10/15/2012 05:55 pm ET Updated Oct 16, 2012

Sneaky Ways to Make Any Space Smell Amazing

It's said that the right scents can do everything from improve your mood to ease stress, and can even curb cravings; not to mention there's nothing more relaxing than walking into a sweet-smelling space of any kind. Thanks to a range of new products, you don't necessarily have to pull out the spray or light up the incense to incorporate a little fragrance into your environment.

In fact, today's home products have taken just that up a notch, not that we all don't appreciate the classic scents of pine and lemon. But, today you can bring in everything from the smell of fresh cut grass to lime and sea salt into any space through common things like vacuuming a room at home or cleaning off your desk at work, not to mention a range of amazing cleaning products.

Cleaning products from companies like Method and Meyers have a range of cool, creative fragrances in everything from hand soaps to cleaning products, like orange clove and mimosa. The Good Home's vacuum cleaner beads will fill the room with the scent of green grass or the ocean. Even doing the dishes has become an aromatic treat with new products like Palmolive's Fresh Infusions dish soap that brings in ginger white tea and lime basil.

And, of course, if you still love the classic tactic of a few good candles, even time-honored brands are kicking it up a notch with chic and interesting scents and smells. A favorite: the Colonial Candle's Marrakesh Spice Market. Who wouldn't want to hang out in a space that smells this decadent?

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