09/15/2014 05:48 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2014

It's Fall! It's Time for Fall Beauty and Makeup Trends

Makeup and beauty products may be the easiest way to update your look and style every season. Even if you stick to a pared-down routine for your hair, nails, makeup and skincare, it's the kind of details that can stand out no matter what the season. With winter rolling around, it also means a little extra attention. Colder temperatures mean a drier atmosphere, and that can wreck havoc on hair, nails and skin. Here are the beauty and makeup trends to watch, and fall favorites for battling the elements:

1. Gunmetal -- It was the hero item on the Fall runways this past year. Inky dark gunmetal liner, silky smooth shadows, and of course, plenty of variation of the color for manicures and pedicures. If you're not sure about the dynamic on your eyes, keep the color (and drama) at the base of the lid. For nails, the sky is the limit. Check out Deborah Lippmann's collaboration with Narciso Rodriquez -- the Stormy Weather hue is an editor favorite here.

2. Mauve -- Baby and bold pinks may be the classic in the makeup and nails spectrum, but this season has brought a new shade in the market and it couldn't be easier to work with. Mauve is gorgeous on the eyes, including with liner, the lips, cheeks, you name it. Nails look fresh and simple in just about any shade you can find. Nars has a pretty mauve in its palette. SpaRitual's Arroyo polish is also great for this trend.

3. Updated Neutrals -- Another classic is the neutral, and ivory tones often are a favorite. But a pretty hue of apricot and other light and dewey peach tones are everywhere for fall this year. It's a quiet statement that can make a look. Just sweep on the lid, top with a little liner and mascara and you're set. This is also great for lips and cheeks -- there are plenty of glosses, lip colors and blushes that play on the trend. Check out Alima Pure for a great range of unexpected neutral colors.

4. Sticker Details -- It's turning up on arms, wrists, hands, and around the eyes. The sticker detail trend is a fun new look for the season. If dotting around the eyes is a little out of your range, you can do a bunch with this look on hands, feet and arms as mentioned.

5. Natural And Cruelty-Free -- Synthetic ingredients and testing on animals is dated. Today plenty of luxury beauty and skincare brands are all natural ingredients and/or do not test on animals. Suki skincare has a great line that builds on both cruelty-free and natural ingredients. You can find a range of beauty apps for smart phones that help you find great products in this trend.

6. Hair As The Statement -- Hair is back as a focal point in beauty, and it couldn't be more exciting to see. It goes beyond the stick straight locks, top knots and sausage curls popular for the past few years to elaborate up-dos, creative braids, and all kinds of other interesting and unique concepts. While it may take a stylist to help with this trend, play at home with ideas -- it's something that is intended to look a little unexpected so there is a bit of wiggle room if yours doesn't quite turn out as planned.

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