03/10/2015 03:16 pm ET Updated May 09, 2015

Spring Ahead in Style: 10 New Fashion Ideas and Trends for the New Season

Spring is just around the corner and that means wardrobe and style changes for the new weather that the season brings. Warmer temperatures come in some parts of the country through the start of summer, while others have a mix and match of elements like snow and rain with warm and sunny days in between.

Just because it's a new season doesn't mean you've got to buy something new for your closet -- there are plenty of past season fashion trends and items that can be refreshed with just a few new ideas. But if you are in the market for something new, there are several great trends and ideas to incorporate into your look, too.

1. Ponchos. It's not a surprise with the popularity of blanket coats this past winter that the poncho has been making an appearance among retailers and designers/brands for spring. Traditional knit styles are on trend but you'll also see wide-weave knits, and even leather and suede. Wear this item as if it were a basic -- throw it on with shorts, over a dress, with jeans. To play down it's boho vibe, keep the other items in the outfit sleek.

2. Flare jeans. Chances are you've still got a pair of flares somewhere in your closet from the past and if so they'll feel freshened again this year. Retailers and designers are styling them with virtually everything you can imagine, but the print silk t-shirt and other simple but statement basics are an easy and chic look. Length matters with the flare jean but don't be afraid to try it with flats for a modern twist, especially all the jeweled and detailed flats from the past year.

3. Long cardigans. Fashion's seen its share of the long knit cardigan time after time over the years. The spring season this year is showing an abundance in thin knit and solid colors across the spectrum. Give it a try with a button up top for a more polished look or wear over a dress to update something you've already got in your closet. Give belting it a try to stand out in the ocean of styles you'll see on the street through summer.

4. Fringe. It was only a matter of time before fringe made a come back from the 80s and 90s. The look today plays on past trends such as trim along the sleeves of jackets, tops and coats, or overlay on skirts and dresses. Thin, thick, leather, suede -- it's everywhere. If you're not sure you want to work a clothing item, look for accessories. Handbags, earrings and footwear are all sporting fringe details this spring.

5. Pastel accessories. Past season love for pastels in apparel has moved to accessories this year. That doesn't mean your pastel tone clothing items won't work, of course. But, designers have updated the trend via handbags, footwear, and particularly jewelry items. Mint green, powder blue, pretty pink, lilac and pale yellow look just as pretty in the trimmings and details.

6. Pointed toe flats. Pointed toes on pumps and ankle boots have been holding attention for years. The look moved to flats last season with solid tones, so naturally it's come back around in new form today. Designers freshen the look with the oxford and loafer, but it's turning up as well in the sneaker, too. The classic pointed toe flat is made new with gems, patent leathers and other new elements to bring it current. Treat this like any other basic shoe in your closet and wear with everything.

7. Suede. Leather apparel finally gets an update with suede coming in. Tops, jackets, vests, skirts, all give the ability to incorporate a something new. Colors are tending towards brown, rust and camel but you'll find it in red, orange, blue, green and other tones if you hunt for it. What's great about this trend is that vegan and faux options often look much more luxe and high quality. It means you can play with this trend and not spend a fortune, too!

8. Sleek booties. The ankle boot is a staple and rough, rugged and boho styles continue to show in retail and designer collections. But new sleek styles are turning up -- the look is pared down and polished. Keep a design element or edge to yours with studs, buckles and other details or pick a bright color or other detail to make it more casual. If you're not sure how to work with this item, let it be the statement in the look.

9. Water tones. There will always be a place in the style world for bright colors such as electric yellow, bold orange and bright pink. But watery hues that mirror more of a soft, breezy palette are everywhere this coming season. It's particularly in light pink and other light tones but you can find brighter blues, greens and yellows, too.

10. Small cross body bags. We're all hearing about Chloe's small cross-body bag, but any style in this trend is perfect for spring and summer styling. You'll find sleek styles, boho vibes, bright colors, unique trims, prints, buckets, you name it. Perfect for all of spring and summer's fun, on-the-go happenings!

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