04/14/2014 05:08 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2014

Spring Style for Your Style: How to Wear Spring's Fashion Trends Your Way

It's spring time and that means a whole new array of fashion and style items to update your closet and look. It doesn't matter what age or stage you are in life, a few fresh pieces of what's new from stores and brands can put a chic spin on your step as warmer weather hits. While it might seem that the key trends are just for the fashion forward consumer, there's always a way to work what's hot in the market your way. After all, fashion and style is meant to be all about you.

The full skirt, or the 'party skirt,' is one of spring fashion's most popular new companion this year. It has a the classic fit at the waist with a full bodice that can varying in volume and length to fit any taste, body type or look. It tends to be best paired with a fitted top to balance out its big statement, but that doesn't mean you've got to go with the classic fitted cardigan. T-shirts, including those with a bit of a rocker edge, detailing or other element, can work just fine with this item. Halter tops, tank tops, and even cropped tops for those who dare to bare a little skin at the midriff can work too. Your shoe choices are equally workable -- flats, low heels, ankle straps, strappy sandals, wedges, etc. can all work. There's nothing wrong with experimenting with boots for this item -- play with ideas to get your own personal look. While you'll find this item at all kinds of price points, ranging from investment pieces to fast fashion, it doesn't take breaking the bank to bring it into your look. Online retailer eShakti has a range of styles at the mid-range price point. H&M has some options for those who are looking for a super deal.

Speaking of boots, the spring and summer boot, cut ultra short to the ankle, is keeping pace as a casual footwear go-to. Brought to market first by designers like Isabel Marant, it's a pared down boot style that can work for spring jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses and pants for your casual weekends out and about or having lunch with friends. Watch the shaft height on your pick with this item -- where it hits on the leg can either elongate or shorten the proportions of your look. While this piece can range from ultra-boho and casual, you'll find more polished and classic styles as well. Dozens of fashion brands at all price points offers this piece -- Old Navy has a few styles for the budget conscious, and the choices go up from there.

If it's not your cup of tea, the other big footwear trend for the season is the mule, which has gotten a chic and sophisticated update with modern styling, interesting details and a range of casual to dress looks. Heels are higher than the mule styles of the past, including a lot of wedges which are most on trend this year for this item. You'll want to work with the mule as you would any other basic shoe in your closet - pretend as if it is a neutral and wear it with whatever you want, day or evening. Clothing brand Vince, which expanded into footwear a few years ago, has some really cool mule choices for your spring looks.

When it comes to accessories for spring, jewelry has continued to reign the roost. The statement necklace, now many seasons as an 'it' item has waned a bit, but you'll still find any past pieces going strong as this is ultimately a classic fashion piece any year. The arm full of bracelets combined in a dizzying display has moved to the fingertips for a lot of fashion enthusiasts. The look is intentionally overloaded -- with knuckle rings mixed in along with multiple styles on several fingers. Don't be afraid to keep it simple or go big -- the key is to have more than one finger adorned with a ring to get this look. If you haven't caught the Bauble Bar bug for well priced, trendy jewelry, it's a must-visit.

While skinny jeans never go out of style, the soft pant is a huge player for spring this year. Cuts and styles play on the tapered vibe that champions the skinny pant, but rather than tight fabric through the hip, the look is loose and easy with the right amount of fit and flow. Fabrics tend to be in the rayon family, but you'll find cottons and even fleece choices that can work just as well. This pant is so popular you'll find styles nearly at most stores and most price points. has a big variety including a great range of fabric choices, too.

If the moto-jacket has grown tired in your closet, there are quite a bit of new choices coming into the picture for jackets this season. Bolero cuts and bombers in soft and simple fabrics are a good go-to to update your look.

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