06/14/2010 03:14 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Starbucks Announces Free Wifi Starting July 1

Today at Wired's Business Conference in New York City, Starbucks' Chairman, President and CEO Howard Schultz announced that starting July 1st, Starbucks will offer free WiFi to customers nationwide.

According to WIRED's Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson, "Starbucks is the biggest Wi-Fi network in the country."

Schultz followed this announcement with a second revelation, that in Fall 2010, Starbucks will launch its Digital Network in Partnership with Yahoo offering customers free access to news sites like the Wall Street Journal.

Schultz hopes these announcements will cement Starbucks as "the third place between home and work."

It certainly seems Starbucks is now more than ever, the new halfway house for budding entrepreneurs.