10/11/2011 07:34 pm ET Updated Oct 15, 2011

Fall Decor... Isn't It Time For Something New?

When I see those words, "fall decor" splashed across a magazine or a computer screen I get a little nauseous, I have to admit. I do, odd as it sounds. Why? Because I know it's going to be horrid, embarrassing and probably totally tacky!

But, like so many people, I really love the fall. Really! Warm food, chunky sweaters, boots, salted caramel lattes and a crisp walk in the park. Don't you just get a little cozy thinking about it? Me too, I know! During the fall, a lot of people enjoy a little decking out at home, also. De-summerizing the home, maybe a little spruce up before company comes to visit, in the nesting mode, so to speak. Either way, I have to tell you the phrase "Fall Decor" or anything remotely similar sounding makes me cringe. It is definitely up there with other equally annoying phrases like "Date Night", "Won't break the bank" and "Mom Cave". You get the point, right? Having said that, I still like to do a little change up and pre-holiday revamp, myself. I just prefer to approach it a little differently. For example, no cheesy pumpkin decor, no horn of plenty (what the hell is that anyway??) and anything that reminds me of Martha Stewart. Not hating on Martha, just ready for a new autumn vibe.

How can you make your home feel like fall without succumbing to the orange drenched-pumpkins everywhere-brown is a must-cheesy decorating trends offered in $1.99 magazines? Easy!

Substitute Brown for Violet

I love brown, especially when it's that creamy milk chocolatey hue. But, like the sun rises every morning it appears in September when we're still wearing flip flops and tanks. If you want a little change but still covet that fall feeling, hues of purple are rich, luxe, deep and more glam. Also, you can pair violet with existing brown items and beiges and it will automatically look elegant and less cliche. For example, instead of buying the "cozy brown throw" for your sofa this month, why not pick up a pretty purple one? I saw really luxe looking purple candles in Yankee Candle the other day. Yeah, that Yankee Candle. Guess what, now they make candles where you can take the label off so all you're left with are the yummy scented candles and not the logo version you're too cool for. It's ok. We know you're cool, Honey.

Get Some New Lighting

If you can, get a dimmer. When I say if you can, the only reason you cannot is if you live in a rental apartment. Otherwise, you should have one in every room. Softer, lower lighting creates that "fall" mood on chilly nights and brighter light for the inevitable onslaught of cloudier/drearier days. Additionally, you should never have just one source of lighting, it should be in layers. Floor, table, ceiling. It's really quite simple. You should never pay more than $200 for any kind of lamp, sorry. Lamps come in fabulous designs at prices under $100 all over the place. Go to Home Goods, The Foundary, Lamps Plus, Target and a good garage sale for fab lamps. Don't blow the shoe budget on lamps ever.

Layer It On!

Fall fashion is always about layering, right? Take your cues there, style slaves! This one little thing will give you that fall feeling with nary a bowl full of mini gourds in sight! Chair or couch is your first layer, blanket/throw is your next layer. Then, you can add a pillow or two, a tray, even a pretty vintage book. The layers and different textures make it fab. Use wintery pieces made of wool, velvet, fur (real or faux) and even leather. You cannot go wrong like this. It's not cluttering up, it's layering. Don't forget about tabletops..You can layer there too. Wood branches, a pretty antique dish, a vase. My advice is to steer clear of table runners, specifically, "fall themed" table runners. Awful on so many levels. Stick to more individual pieces, one of a kind items. The type of high end little trinkets on One Kings Lane is always good for.

Bake Something

My friend Michelle always used to say she liked to saute garlic so her apartment would smell like a home. I totally agree. You spent the whole summer at the salad bar or the sand bar, didn't you? During the fall, it's time to get cooking. Nothing makes your home feel more like fall than the scent of roast turkey, butternut squash or a damn good apple pie. Please refrain from apple pie, pumpkin pie or cinnamon stick scented anything. Not the same, and really gross. Go for the real thing and give it to your neighbor if you must.

If you can't bake, no worries. I found a company called Centerville Pie Company that makes these pies to die for. They arrive at your door frozen and 90 minutes later it smells like Grandma's house!! If my word's not good enough, Oprah voted them a favorite last year. Try the chicken pot pie and the apple and save me a piece! Put it right next to the purple cashmere throw and I'll be right over!