03/17/2014 04:28 pm ET Updated May 17, 2014

Bitcoins Continue Gaining Popularity as B2B Collection Company in Florida Accepts Them

Local business-to-business corporate debt recovery agency Johnson, Morgan & White recently announced that they've begun accepting Bitcoins as payment. The number of businesses accepting Bitcoin as currency globally has risen sharply in the past year, and they now number in the thousands. This, despite the bad reputation Bitcoins sometimes have in some media circles.

Said Robert Cooper, Johnson, Morgan & White owner:

Although Bitcoins have recently had bad press with a federal lawsuit and indictment regarding money laundering on the infamous Silk Road website, as well as allegations of the financing of drugs, gambling and prostitution, we felt that these were isolated incidents. Additionally, the instant payment aspect alongside the lack of bounced checks and/or credit card chargebacks made our decision simple.

The fact that Bitcoin has stretched into the Commercial debt recovery arena proves that they're becoming more viable as a currency choice. After all, debt collection is just the other side of the banking coin from credit and loans. A sizable company like JM&W, which has been in business for 25 years, accepting Bitcoin for is also telling.

Other businesses here in South Florida are also accepting Bitcoin as an option. The Butterfly Estates and Zcrepes Cafe in Fort Meyers both accept Bitcoin payments. They join other businesses like like Vanity Cosmetic Center in Miami and Planet Linux Caffe in Coral Gables. The Clevelander Hotel in South Beach even accepted Bitcoin as payment for rooms during the recent North American Bitcoin Conference. It was such a success that they now have continued to accept this form of payment for not only rooms, but for food and beverage. Dozens of other businesses on the East Coast are also on board, as are many online retailers and even a car dealership in California.

It's an interesting world we live in now. Let's hope some of these debtors have some Bitcoins lying around to pay with.