09/14/2012 10:11 pm ET Updated Nov 14, 2012

Not Even Bain Could Salvage Mitt's Mess

Let's see. You've got an enterprise underwater led by someone who lurches from one desperate failed ploy to another, and anxious investors beginning to realize they're about to lose a fortune for nothing.

What would Bain Capital do? Fire everybody, including the boss, declare bankruptcy and cut the losses. But unfortunately for Republicans they're stuck with Mitt Romney and his clueless campaign team until the bitter end. Managed bankruptcy just isn't an option.

The odds for a Romney victory are now about as good as winning the lottery without a ticket. Why? My guess: For the same reason that most Republican primary voters didn't want him in the first place. He is a really lousy candidate few Americans ever liked or understood -- and now, after watching him bumble through a summer of mishaps, even fewer care to try.

Money got Romney this far, nothing else -- because in this campaign cycle, more than ever, money ruled. Until now. Even Bain knows, in the end if the product isn't selling, the company can't be saved, no matter how much cash you pump down the rat hole.

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