11/03/2012 02:16 am ET Updated Jan 02, 2013

Obama: The Why-Not Argument

The best case for President Obama's re-election is why not keep trying. Things could be worse had he not bailed out big business and shoved millions into the economy when collapse loomed. We still don't know if Obamacare will work, but it's here so why not find out.

Reelecting our president is a gamble on what he'll do next because he hasn't said what that'll be. All we know is what he's done so far, and, who knows, had he not been in office we might be in worse shape.

Mitt Romney has said even less about what he'd do in the White House, other than cut taxes, but he won't say how he'd pay for that without exploding the deficit.

Either way, after more than a billion dollars spent by the campaigns and their rich friends voters still have reason to wonder what either of these men would do in the next four years. It's a coin toss.

Romney: the Why Not Argument