11/05/2012 05:47 pm ET Updated Jan 05, 2013

Re-Elect Obama

Our president deserves re-election. This is a man who weighs the odds, sifts the data, takes his time and tries to get it right. He's my kind of president.

Today's presidency is basically a zero-sum game. Nudging the equation to a slight net gain is about all that anyone can do. Barack Obama has done that.

I don't mind a world that makes life difficult for presidents. The office has been empowered far beyond what our founders intended, and the danger that poses is neatly offset by a skeptical populace that hopefully guards against excess.

This is a good man. Of that I am certain. And for that I welcome another term.

We don't need another president-in-training. Obama had his learning curve. It'll be interesting to see him show us what he learned.

As a journalist I prefer a new president every four years. Like a stock broker, I thrive on churning.

But as an American, I'd like to see this president get a couple of years to do the right thing before he becomes a lame duck.

Our President deserves a second chance.

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