10/01/2010 10:49 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

A few words regarding news orgs I trust

Okay, I had ten minutes at the Washington Ideas Forum, which was a deal sponsored by the Atlantic Magazine and the Aspen Institute.

My biggest theme was the quietest; I'm not entirely comfortable in places like Washington, since I'm pretty firmly "bolted" to the grassroots, by virtue of being a nerd, and working in customer service.

I reminded people, at least twice, that I really don't know the news business, but for years I've had the privilege of talking to a lot of people who do.

In attempts at wit, I've stated that "trust is the new black" and that the press should be "the immune system of democracy."

As examples of news orgs I like and trust, I mentioned a few examples, not perfect. I did remind people that NPR is increasingly successful even though people haven't really noticed, and I decided to stand up for them.

There are a lot more, like the Atlantic (yes, I was kinda sucking up), ProPublica, Bay Citizen, Huffington Post and others. I'm very impressed by the vision of Arianna Huffington, and wish I had her guts. (However, I feel I'm funnier.)

More to come on this...