02/06/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

MixedInk for Collaborative Group Statements

The deal at MixedInk is that a group of people can work together to produce a single statement. That could be a party platform or a mission statement. In any case, it could be a real step toward online democracy, something for real:

MixedInk has developed an online collaborative writing tool that allows massive groups to weave their ideas and opinions into a single text - like an op-ed, petition, mission statement, product review, or even draft legislation. It combines the wiki concept with a democratic rating system like Digg. Professor Lawrence Lessig recently described MixedInk to the NY Observer as "a collaborative environment where people can begin to work out what a solution is...a compelling part of what this participation could be."

The company earned positive media attention last summer when a group of online activists used it to develop a political platform together, a piece of which was included in the official 2008 Democratic platform. Next month, MixedInk will launch its free service in tandem with a partnership project with a major media company.

MixedInk Demo from MixedInk on Vimeo.