11/30/2016 10:42 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Definition Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution


I was recently asked What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? What could be its benefits?

My response: "The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the next stage of rewiring our human evolution. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the newest chapter in our human history that involves unlocking the unused potential of our brain through uses of artificial intelligence, digital, virtual, big data and a system that introduces a new story of our future to enable different economic and human models that will change the way we exist forever." -Craig Zamary

"The benefits of tapping thought, creativity and the reason why we are here and exist will be defined and discovered. I believe this is the most exciting time in existence of human history." -Craig Zamary

Asked: How we can act in the face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
My Response - "How can we not? It's here, we are all engaged like it or not. Every person will be part of shaping this process. The internet, smartphones, electronic devices are rewiring our brains already. This is the first time in human history that people have had devices like this and iPhones and other devices have created a habit and bond. When is the last time you saw a parent hold their child longer than their smart-phone or other combined e-devices?" -Craig Zamary

Asked: What are the biggest challenges for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
My response: "Balance." -Craig Zamary

Asked: Possible dangers related with the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
My response: "Brain pollution. Just as The Industrial Revolution impacted the environment with air, soil, water, etc. pollution, the Fourth Industrial Revolution poses a threat to Brain Pollution." -Craig Zamary

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