10/05/2011 08:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

In Conversation with... Jonathan Saunders (VIDEO)

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting one of British fashion's biggest names: Jonathan Saunders. in collaboration with Soho House, films the fashion designer as he talks to Sarah Bailey, deputy editor of Harpers Bazaar on his Central Saint Martins studies, the divide between the London and New York fashion scene as well as on the people who believed in him when he took his first steps in this exciting journey.

The talented Scotsman, known for his strikingly printed silks, arrived in London a decade ago on a night bus. A Glasgow School of Arts graduate, with a BA in Printed Textiles, Saunders had decided to take his chances and scored himself an interview with one of the most influential women in British fashion. Admired and respected by the industry and at the same time feared by her students, notorious for being highly opinionated and for walking a thin line between witty and excruciatingly rude, Louise Wilson head of MA Fashion at Central Saint Martins, met a young, nervous and scruffy Jonathan Saunders that day.


Wilson went on to give Jonathan one of the few and highly desired positions to study next to her. Jonathan, just like McQueen did before him, proved his teacher right by brilliantly fulfilling the potential she initially saw in him. A truly romantic success story of a boy that starts off with - quite literally as he tells us - holes in his shoes and sees himself to a steep rise to fame with his designs being worn by the likes of Michelle Obama.

"What is amazing in London is that you start from your bedroom, before you know it you are on you get reviewed by people like Sarah Mower, fantastic journalists - It puts you out there for sure."

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