10/15/2012 02:26 pm ET Updated Dec 15, 2012

Hispanic Heritage Month 2012- A Cultural Summary

This Hispanic Heritage Month I was really searching for what to do with my 'tweensitas' - to continue broadening their cultural connections. The month ran by so quickly! It is always a great time to visit museums or National Parks as they often feature unique historical presentations and exhibitions. This year I was looking for very direct and heartfelt learning opportunity. Enter the 'abuelitos' who are our family's strongest connection to our roots and BOOM- we had a project! In our family one side is of Cuban/Spanish decent and the other is Hungarian. So our Cubano side Abuelitos created a learning opportunity by introducing the poetry of Jose Marti - a great Cuban writer and historic figure.

We also added a weekly dinner at Abuela's house when we exclusively speak in Español. Often times it's Spanglish, but that doesn't matter- it's the effort that counts at this age! So once we enjoy la cena, we read our first poetry study "Los Zapaticos de Rosa" - the tweens and the Abuelos are reading it together SLOWLY - taking the time to understand each line and word meanings. I've learned quite a bit since it's been so long since I had read it with my grandparents (my Abuela 'Mima' was a huge fan of Marti's poems).

It has been a great experience. With so much homework it's not easy to get in a lot of leisure reading- but we are keeping to our weekly goal of one page per week and Spanish-only dinner.

Sometimes as parents we over complicate things. Find EASY ways to introduce cultural learnings that are important to your familia. Let's use this Hispanic Heritage Month and other yearly themes to start a simple learning time. You may be surprised how you too can learn along the way. Be sure to share your stories here on the Los Tweens & Teens FB page.

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