10/02/2013 09:20 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Conservatives, the Shutdown and the Great Con

It seems that every morning conservative politicians pledge allegiance to the leisure class and the greed for which it stands.

In truth, it's never been any different -- all the way back to the dawn of civilization. Any fair reading of human history makes it easy to connect the dots between ancient imperialism, medieval land grabbing, monarchists, robber baron politics, Birchers, neocons, and now the so-called tea party Republicans. The infused ideology and economic theory is always a mere smokescreen for the main agenda -- maintain and enhance the privileges and power of the leisure class by preventing any redistribution of wealth to the salaried class.

You don't like the phrase "class war"? Call it what you like, it's a war of the privileged against the unprivileged -- with the unprivileged narcotized into a dream of becoming privileged themselves.

Media pundits and journalists scratch their heads in public about the motives of the political conservatives in the current Washington brouhaha, but many media people do understand those motives: 1) prevent the enfranchisement of 11 million undocumented resident aliens because the consequence will be millions of votes for Democrats and against the leisure class, and similarly 2) prevent the provision of health insurance to 30 million uninsured people because the consequence will also be many millions of votes for Democrats and against the leisure class.

That's the issue for political conservatives: prevent a tsunami of Democratic votes in the next dozen or so elections as the demographics of America change and as the federal government seeks to improve the health of the unprivileged class.

In a democracy, the majority rules -- but the hell with majority rule.

In a democracy, public health is national security -- but the hell with public health.

The same secret reasoning was behind the opposition to Social Security in the 1930s, the introduction of Medicare in the 1960s, the attempt by the Clinton administration to improve the health care of millions of people in the 1990s, and now the attempt by the Obama administration to get insurance for people without health insurance.

Tell the mob it's "socialism" and frighten them.

Our leisure class is always ready to fight a war with other people's children, always ready to ship jobs to foreign countries, always ready to let the unprivileged die in the streets for lack of preventive and remedial health care -- always ready to do anything to protect their status, increase their financial power, prevent any significant redistribution of wealth.

And conservative politicians? They just booze it up and pledge allegiance to the leisure class -- because that's where their money comes from. A horde of wriggling grubs pretending to serve the "people."