09/25/2010 05:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cinefantastique Post-Mortem: Catching Up: 2001 & Avatar & Spoilers & Claustrophobia

Maybe you missed our free-form follow up to the Cinefantastique Podcast last week. Then again, maybe you have a life. In any case, we didn't manage to get that episode posted in time, so we're going to play a little catch-up by offering both last week's and the latest ep right here & right now. Contain your excitement.

First up, we delve into the immersive cinematic world of James Cameron's Avatar: The Special Edition, whose re-release in theatres gives audiences a chance to enjoy what 3-D can be, when it's not slapped on in post-production. Also on the table: the upcoming documentary, 2001: Beyond the Infinite -- The Making of a Masterpiece, in which Oscar-winning effects expert Douglas Trumbull, himself a veteran of 2001: A Space Odyssey, will delve behind the scenes of Stanley Kubrick's science fiction masterpiece:

We follow that up with the latest episode, when, after taking an elevator ride with the Devil, we explore the subject of claustrophobic thrillers. Cube, Saw, Demons, The Exterminating Angel all feature hapless victims locked in inescapable situations - a guaranteed formula for suspense that we like to call "shooting fish in a barrel."

Also up for debate: Spoilers. Are publicity campaigns and reviews giving away too much? Are viewers being told more than they want to know before they get a chance to see a film for themselves? Tune in for this epic debate.

And in case that's not enough, a brief excursion into the realms of Halloween horror as the CFQ Podcast Crew explores the subject of seasonal haunted house attractions that bring horror movies to life.

The podcast wraps up with a look at some favorite personifications of Satan on screen: The Devil Rides Out, Bedazzled with Peter Cook, and The Devil and Daniel Webster with Walter Huston: