09/04/2013 12:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Walking Dead's Dallas Roberts: The CFQ Interview

2013-09-04-TWD_GP_305_0629_0265_410.jpgFor all that the world was going to Hell on the third season of The Walking Dead, viewers had no shortage of reasons for jubilation: Finally the series had found its footing, logging in episodes that managed a sweet mix of zombie-ripping mayhem and post-apocalyptic drama. Two of the prime contributors to the quality boost were the introductions of Woodbury -- a cozy little stronghold in Georgia where the residents struggled to maintain a facade of normality while turning a blind eye to the moral rot eating away at their community -- and the Governor, Woodbury's psychotic rotter-in-chief.

Aiding and abetting the Governor's brutal reign was Milton Mamet, a former scientist who helped carry out the Gov's dictates, including performing experiments intended to discover glimmers of sentience in walkers. As played by Dallas Roberts, Milton was a prime example of The Walking Dead's moral ambiguity, a man trying to find his way in a world where the quality of humanity was rapidly yielding to the simple needs of survival.

In connection with the homevid release of The Walking Dead's third season on Blu-ray and DVD, Roberts sat down with us to talk about his work on the series. The !!!SPOILER-FILLED!!! discussion brings us some insight into Milton's tortured existence, as well as giving us a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the production of the show. Click on the player to listen to the show, or right-click the title to download.

The Walking Dead's Dallas Roberts: The CFQ Interview