12/26/2009 09:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The NYGMen Podcast Week 16 PREVIEW: The New York Giants host the Carolina Panthers

In this Week 16 preview, the New York Giants host the Carolina Panthers in what will be the G-Men's very last game in Giants Stadium. To commemorate the occasion, we welcome Winston-Salem's native son Casey to help add some insight on the collapse of Jake Delhomme and the struggles of the 2009 Carolina Panthers. We spend a lot of time wondering what the hell happened to Delhomme, a one-time solid NFL QB, as well as pondering the fate of Carolina coach (and former Giants' defensive coordinator) John Fox. Also coming up in conversation is the talented Steve Smith (which one?), Julius Peppers, the Panthers' historical inability to string two consecutive seasons as a legitimate contender, and Carolina's strikingly out-of-date nineties era uniforms. In addition, Dan regales Greg by describing his third consecutive appearance at midnight mass. All this and much more. Don't miss it!!!

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