06/25/2012 03:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Michael Jackson Is The Reason I Love Flashy Fashion (PHOTOS)

When someone asks the question "What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?" my response has always been "Rock With You." I can't stop my shoulders from rocking, hips swaying or head bopping--mainly because I immediately envision the silver sequin jumpsuit the late pop star sported in the music video. Worn with matching glitzy boots, a Jheri Curl and infectious smile, Michael's look was just as eye-dilating as the light beams he danced around in. And I wanted my wardrobe to have that appeal.

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Michael Jackson Photo: Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images

As a child, I'd emulate this by slipping into my mother's gold lamé dresses, bronze plated belts, curly wigs and metallic Fashion Fair makeup. But I barely made it past the living room before she'd shove me back into her walk-in closet. Once Mom finally stopped ordering my clothes from the JC Penney catalog, I took a cue from the King of Pop and donned black fedoras and white button-down shirts with mini skirts--practically one step away from busting out the moonwalk. Now as a 20-something, my sharp shoulder blazers, studded biker jackets layered in zippers and cropped skinnies (that some may say are more like high-water pants on my five-foot-nine frame) couldn't be any more reflective of M.J. Though I'm still praying for that Christmas I wake up to a Jackson-worthy Balmain military jacket.

And on the third anniversary of his death today (June 25th), I'd like to pay tribute to the Motown legend who inspires me every morning to step into scene-stealing shoes, throw on over-the-top outerwear and pile on the rhythm-making bracelets and earrings.

What do you think of Michael Jackson's iconic style? Tell us your favorite outfit in the comments section and click through some of his timeless looks below.

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Michael Jackson's Style: A Retrospective