11/15/2012 07:20 am ET Updated Jan 15, 2013

I Won't Quit Online Shopping... That Is Until I Go Broke (PHOTOS)

Shop. Click. Buy. I get pure joy each time I put into action these three simple words. Why? Because I'm addicted to online shopping.

I'm the co-worker who exits a meeting the second a Gilt email pops up into her inbox. I'm the best friend that forwards text messages with exclusive shopping codes. I'm the girlfriend who hides her latest shipment in the bottom of the laundry basket. I take shopping online just as seriously as not skipping my bi-weekly hair salon appointments.

While I've managed to avoid racking up an insurmountable debt (paying off college loans is my motivation), I'm just three sweaters, one blazer and two handbags away from reaching my closet space limit. I won't even get into how many of those vacuum-sealed storage bags I've shoved beneath my bed or shoes I've tucked away inside empty suitcases. But in spite of having my fashionable surroundings closing in on me, I have no plans to stop punching in my debit card digits.

I will take five minutes of online shopping over juggling an armful of hangers at the mall any day. I find it way easier to get J Brand jeans or Enzo Angolini pumps in my size without having to side-eye some girl in hopes that she'd return them to the sales floor after a crazy long stint in the fitting room. And with everybody and their mama shopping at Zara these days, I've had much better luck logging onto their site and taking advantage of the next-day shipping. How's that for fast fashion?

Unwrapping boxes filled with coveted items, including the fluorescent neon Cambridge Satchel I bought from J. Crew and Warby Parker Ainsworth glasses, also gives me extreme exhilaration. I may rarely wear them (or even get around to removing the price tags), but my dark brown eyes light up the very second I receive that "Your ordered has been processed" email. And thanks to Amazon's prime membership, I've gone so far as to purchase a leopard print bicycle -- getting it into my apartment was a bigger battle. I've tried putting myself on retail punishment, however, I barely made it a week before whipping out my bank card to shop, shop and shop. But if I'm not broke, then you know...

My online shopping addiction isn't some cover-up for an unfulfilled life (though I'm sure a shrink would think otherwise). I'm actually very fortunate without all the materialistic things. Being a single girl, with no children and very few major responsibilities gives me just a bit more freedom to go crazy with my funds. Besides, I'd like to think that First Lady Michelle Obama would acknowledge my efforts to boost the economy, as well as dream of the day my daughter would play dress-up in my closet.

Check out some of my online shopping purchases in the slideshow below, then leave a comment on your favorite places to shop on the web.

My Favorite Online Shopping Buys

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