11/28/2013 12:44 am ET Updated Jan 27, 2014

10 Times Midnight Memories Changed Your Life

It's finally here ladies and gents! Directioners everyone can now (legally) enjoy One Direction's new album Midnight Memories! After fighting to not listen to the album when it leaked, we all know it was well worth the wait! This album is just on a totally different playing field than all their past albums. The boys are men now! Don't believe me? Here are 10 times I bet your jaw totally dropped listening to the new album.

10. When you got the album and had to take a moment to check your pulse because you felt your heart stop.

9. When "Best Song Ever" started playing and you realized that this was really happening, you were really listening to the new album.

8. When "Story Of My Life" was next and you had a flashback to the music video and had to stop to mop the tears off the floor.

7. When you first heard "Diana" and marched straight down to courthouse and demanded your name be changed to Diana.

6. When you first realized that all the boys have more solos and you cry because that's really all you wanted.

5. When you get to"'Happily" and you just calmly sit on the ground and contemplate how such amazing of a song is made.

4. When you realize that you will never understand how "Happily" is such an amazing song so you get up and lose your mind dancing.

3. When the album is half way over and you cry because no why is it half over this is not acceptable!

2. When you first hear "Better Than Words" and you die because OMG the boys are all grown up and OMG those high notes and you just want to let them love you and is it hot in here or what?

1. When the album is over and you cry again because your life will never be the same so you just start back again from the beginning.

And if this didn't apply to you... you aren't doing it right.

Happy jamming Directioners!