07/17/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

You Can't Keep a Good Message Down

I've been amazed about the amount of news coming out of Tehran from the election protests. From following #iranelection, #Tehran or #moussavi on Twitter, it seems like social networks have been the leader over most news agencies in getting the word out. However, as the government has been cracking down on media and internet access inside Iran, it's important for these voices to still be heard.

At Howcast, while working with movements from Iraq, Colombia and Sri Lanka who have all used social networks to protest against violent extremism during our Alliance of Youth Movements Summit, we created a series of videos based off their experiences, that we hope can help show people how to continue to use these networks even when they have been blocked.

Learning How to Circumvent an Internet Proxy is something many Iranians are already doing, as images on flickr, tweets on Twitter and videos on YouTube are still leaking out. However, we hope that protesters in Iran and beyond can learn from the experiences of previous youth movements and continue to get their voices out and potentially galvanize change.

To learn how to use social networks for change check out: