10/24/2012 01:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New York Owes America an Apology for Donald Trump

Donald Trump released his big presidential surprise. Instantly, the media was confronted with a serious challenge: Do you ignore the guy or make fun of him?

Trump's "surprise" is a challenge to President Obama to release his college records and passport history in return for a $5 million donation to charity. This calls to mind the developer's boast last (winter) that his "people" had gone to Hawaii and uncovered dramatic information about Obama's actual birthplace.

The "people" never seem to have returned with the goods. Were they lost at sea?

Trump, you may also remember, was temporarily a sort-of candidate for president who announced he had to give up the race because it would interfere with his ability to host Celebrity Apprentice this season.

He was also scheduled to unveil a big "surprise" at the Republican convention. A hurricane caused the Republicans to cancel their first day's activities and somehow they never got around to putting Trump back on the agenda.

We will look back on this campaign season as the one in which Donald Trump's involvement peaked on the day that Mitt Romney let him make a robo-call for the (Michigan primary).

It's also worth noting that the reputed billionaire is only willing to part with $5 million for charity. Folks, this is chump change. Why, just the other day a New York hedge fund manager dropped a $100 million gift on Central Park. And the man hasn't even asked to see Mayor Bloomberg's drivers' license.

On behalf of New Yorkers, I apologize, America. He's not typical. And he really spends most of his time in Florida.