04/11/2011 12:57 pm ET Updated Jun 11, 2011

How To Remain Stylish as a Fitness Instructor or Exercise Fanatic

As a certified Yoga, Pilates and Zumba instructor, I live in my workout gear. I teach regular in-studio classes as well as in-home private lessons. When I'm not in the studio I run a small business making custom corsets and lingerie. Often crunched for time I find myself going from the gym strait to meetings and I hate to run around doing errands looking like I just emerged from a long sauna session. I guess I technically could, but seriously who is going to trust me as a designer when I'm all sweaty and look like I just rolled out of bed? There must be other women like me going from the gym, to a meeting with a client, back to the gym. So here are the most important tricks I've learned to stay presentable and stylish from a hot yoga studio to a bridal corset fitting.

The first thing that people will see is your attire. What you choose to wear to the gym can also make or break the impression you will put off at the grocery store after class. For those who want to look presentable I don't think you necessarily have to change after your gym session. Activewear companies like Lululemon Athletica, Hardtail, ALO, Beyond Yoga, and Athleta make it easy to find pieces that can make the transition with you. Its all about combining your exercise gear with a few of your classically fashionable or trendy favorites to create a street worthy look.

In the winter skinny leggings from Lululemon are my go to. I pair them with a printed tank, an over-sized cardigan, and riding boots. For summer my favorite is a cropped legging paired with a bright colored top and some beaded or sparkly sandals. The thing that really makes this work is accessories. Just by adding your favorite sunglasses, an over-sized leather bag to carry all of your gear in, and some earrings or a necklace you can look pulled together.

Aside from body odor the next reason I would not want to be seen after teaching hot yoga is my hair. After a tough workout my hair is sweaty, kinked and matted to my head; far from attractive. Dry shampoo is one of my best friends. There are a ton of different brands of dry shampoo, some spray in, some loose powder. I opt for a more eco-friendly loose powder version. Oscar Blandi makes an amazing great smelling product that I use daily called Pronto. If my hair isn't too sweaty I simply sprinkle a bit in my roots, use my fingers to add some volume and voila!

When I have to teach two classes and my hair is too wet to quickly air-dry I use the bun tactic. All you need is a cute headband and a couple of Bobbi pins. Just simply slick your hair back into a sleek bun secure with the Bobbi pins and add the headband to secure any flyaway's.

Splash your face with water, slap on some tinted moisturizer and you are good to go!