05/14/2012 07:29 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

30 Days To Fire Up Your Creative Genius, Day 28: What Would Your Life Be Like If You Only Did What Was Easy? (VIDEO)

Genius is the ability to receive from the universe.
--The I Ching

It's almost unsettling to go there, isn't it? When I try to answer that question for myself I squirm a bit. Lazy dilettante. As if. What would I do with all that extra time I'd have if I just did the easy stuff?

Hmmm . . . maybe I'd have more time to enjoy what I've got and get more of what I want. Maybe things would be . . . easier.

Ease. The concept confounds most of us. Here's why: Pay your dues. Put in your time. Prove yourself. Meet expectations. Soldier on. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

We'll call these, collectively, the Myth of Endurance: a concept that you can choose to believe in, in varying degrees, or not. "Easy" is also a concept that can be just as useful to you. The easy way is a direction that leads straight to your Creative Genius.

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Today's Worksheet: Easy Priorities

1. What actually needs to get done in your life and livelihood? As in, must happen in order for things to basically run smoothly.

2. What's your competency level for each activity? Lame, sufficient, great, brilliant? (This is not about whether you enjoy it, or whether you need to be the one to execute it).

3. Out of your list of "needs to get done," which of those activities actually makes you feel strengthened, vitalized, and more alive when you do them?

4. Out of the list of "needs to get done," which of those activities doesn't really light your fire, or outright annoys you?

5. Open your heart and mind when you scan your list. You may not be stellar at an activity, but it could feel really inspiring when you do it. And you might think that an activity is perhaps "beneath" you, yet you feel strengthened when you do it. What can you do to develop these strengths and interests? Coaching, classes, courses, training, attending events, reading books, connecting with people, pursuing mentors, setting aside sacred time?

6. What three actions will you take this week to condition and nourish your true strengths?

7. What three actions wil you take this week to decrease your time spent on activities that drag you down and don't feed your true strengths?

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