08/07/2011 04:05 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2011

Should Tim Tebow Be the Broncos' Starting Quarterback?

Denver Broncos' quarterback Tim Tebow, a reliable source of off-the-field controversy, ruffled some feathers this week with comments that he felt that his dream of being a starting NFL QB ''was grabbed back away" by the franchise. Since the remarks were made public, and caused a stir, Tebow has explained that they were taken out of context and that he hopes to earn the starting spot from incumbent starter Kyle Orton. Broncos' coaches say that the competition is still open, and Tebow is being considered for the starting spot. Reaction to Tebow was split -- Tebow showed promise going 1-2 as a starter in his rookie season, but he might not even win the team's backup role against Brady Quinn. So what should we make of this minor quarterback controversy?

He's a born winner: He's a paragon of moral rectitude to one side -- a positive example for a culture devoid of values and should be afforded every opportunity to succeed," says Drew Sharp in the Detroit Free Press. "Denver should play him right now. He will win, because that's all he has done throughout his life." He'll find a way, and the Broncos should give him the chance now.

It's not his job yet: Even though Tebow is "seemingly a great guy," says Paris Moulden at The Florida Times-Union, "the Broncos really need to be more concerned with winning games" than keeping Tebow and his fans happy. "After all, Denver went 4-12 last season, and can hardly afford to make playing decisions because of a popularity contest."

Where's his faith? Tebow's faith "baffles me, or at least the way he expresses his faith, because it never allows for personal failure -- and that's not the world we live in," says Gregg Doyel at CBS Sports. Look, confidence is required for all NFL QBs, and "Tim Tebow exudes the confidence of a future star in the NFL, and that's normal." But, since Tebow is so committed to his Christain values and beliefs, he needs to acknowledge that "God doesn't plan for every Christian quarterback to be a starter, and as far as I know, He doesn't play favorites. Not even for Tim Tebow." Just because he's been a "great billboard for Christianity" doesn't mean he can demand a position he hasn't rightfully earned.

Tebow doesn't have the backing he needs: Although Tebow is so popular with fans, he lacks the support of the one man with the "gravitas to hold off such public opinion," says David Moulton at Naples News. John Elway now runs the Denver franchise, and he has "not been very complimentary" of Tebow's play. "If he doesn't think Tebow can cut it, then he won't play him. Period." If Elway thought that Tebow was the team's QB of the future, "he'd already be playing." It's beginning to look like it's time for Tebow "to get out of Denver," if he wants to salvage his reputation and jump-start his pro career.

The lockout changed things: Just a little while ago, the Broncos were looking to deal Orton elsewhere, says Pete Grathoff in the Kansas City Star. "But Denver probably reconsidered" when they realized that we're suddenly in crunch time and veteran quarterbacks are now more important than ever. And even though Orton isn't the Broncos' quarterback of the future, "do you really want to entrust the team to someone who's still wet behind the ears?"