04/02/2014 10:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Types of Co-Workers Who Are Late to Everything

If you ever have a meeting scheduled with Bill de Blasio, build in extra time.

A lot of extra time.

The newly-elected mayor of New York City apparently runs late to everything. The New York Daily News reports de Blasio is often tardy -- at a recent bill signing a full 45 minutes late -- because he has "a lot going on."

Well then, don't we all?

The mayor's chronic lateness reminds me of the many wonderful people in our careers who can't seem to be on time -- ever. Don't be the guy or girl who's perpetually late. Your reputation depends on it.

Know any of these folks at work? I bet you do.

1. The "You Won't Believe What Happened" Guy

"This morning was SO crazy! First, I got stuck in a seven-mile traffic jam...then I FINALLY pull off the highway and a flock of geese lands in the middle of the road a mile from work. Like 400 GEESE. It was ridiculous. Everyone had to wait 20 minutes for the birds to clear out and just before I drove into the office parking lot, I thought I forgot my laptop at home. So I pulled over and checked. I do have my laptop so we're all good!

Oh, and sorry for being late."

2. The "I Couldn't Find My Phone...AGAIN" Girl

"I missed your text about the impromptu staff meeting because I couldn't find my phone. I was pretty sure I left it next to my bed or in my car or at Starbucks or at the dry cleaners. Turns out, it was in my purse all along.

So...what did I miss?"

3. The "I Dunno. I Just NEVER Hear My Alarm" Guy

"I feel like I SHOULD hear it, ya know? It's right next to my bed and SO loud. I'll use a backup alarm on my phone tomorrow, I promise. This won't happen again."

4. The "Needs Constant Reminders" Girl

Everyone in the office all week:

"Hey, don't forget about the client presentation at 2 p.m. on Thursday. And make sure you don't talk too much."

"Remember the big meeting on Thursday afternoon."

"You're still coming to the Thursday presentation, right?

Ack! Handle your biz. The rest of us have enough to worry about.

5. The "Completely MIA" Guy

[three hours after the scheduled appointment via text message]

"Hey...sorry about earlier. Had a crazy morning. Do you still have time to meet?" I do not. I was free earlier this morning. That's why we had an appointment then and not now.

6. The "Let's Just Get Started" Girl

Team leader: Is everyone here?

Co-worker: No, we're still waiting on Stephanie, but she's always late for these meetings. "Let's just get started without her."

Team leader: Oh, right. Stephanie. [shakes head in disappointment] That girl will be late to her own funeral, I swear.

7. The "It's Just Five Minutes" Guy

"So I showed up five minutes late. What's the big deal. I'm here, aren't I?"

Sure, just five extra minutes of my time wasted. Like a bad cover letter.

8. The "Emailing Ahead Makes It OK" Girl

2014-04-02-lateemail.JPG replies with: "No problem. See you soon!" actually thinks: "15 minutes?? Ugh. This person is screwing up my day."

9. The "Deadline Junkie" Guy

"Well, I could be 15 minutes early to every appointment, but what a rush to show up with only five seconds to spare! Everyone will be like 'Jim! Thank goodness you made it despite your crazy schedule!'

Yep...the hero once again."

10. The "Wait...the Meeting was at 10???" Girl

"I could have SWORN the staff meeting was scheduled for 11 a.m. I have it right here in my calendar! See?



Ever worked with any of these time-challenged people?

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