11/07/2012 09:29 am ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

Love Your 'I Voted' Sticker? Here Are Five More Stickers We Should All Wear Right Now

The day after President Obama defeated Mitt Romney to secure a second term, America may be more divided than ever.

The popular vote split nearly 50/50, Democrats retain control of the Senate and the Republicans have the House.

Obama and Romney have two competing visions for our country, and last night's outcome did little to bring us together. Still, amid all the nasty campaigning and partisan bickering, there's one thing we all share:

We love the 'I Voted' stickers.

Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green and independent.

Everyone can't get enough of those emblems of democratic participation. Problem is, many people only wear the sticker once every four years.

That's not enough.

Here are five more stickers we should all wear today, tomorrow and maybe even the next four years to show our divided government we want -- and deserve -- action on our most stubborn issues.

1. Fix the Budget

Forget about an Obama victory party. The president and Congress must now deal with a 'fiscal cliff,' $500 billion in automatic tax hikes and spending cuts set to take effect in January. We need decisiveness more than ever in Congress, and 'Fix the Budget' stickers will emphasize to elected leaders that we voted them into office to make tough choices.

2. Simpson-Bowles

Simpson-Bowles is the name of the 2010 bipartisan commission that offered a fair way to balance our budget: tax increases and spending cuts. Everyone knows we can't solve our economic problems without doing both. A 'Simpson-Bowles' sticker proclaims: I believe that all Americans should have to sacrifice to get our economy going again.

3. One Country, One Congress

The presidential campaign is a bruising and never-ending political slugfest, but it's over. Donning a 'One Country, One Congress' sticker tells everyone in the House and Senate that you hold compromise in the highest regard and won't punish politicians for taking a risk in being moderate.

4. No Labels

No Labels is a movement of Republicans, Democrats and independents with a simple message for Congress: stop fighting, start fixing. A 'No Labels' sticker says it all: while you may belong to a political party, you're above the petty games and squabbling because you just want to get things done.

5. Not for Granted

Our vote doesn't just count once every four years. It matters every single day. A 'Not for Granted' sticker is a constant reminder that we put trust in the men and women in Congress to do something truly great. It says: if you have to risk your own political career to make a difference, so be it.


An 'I Voted' sticker is not a fashion statement. It's a mandate for the president and Congress to make things happen.

We now sit at the dawn of four more years. May our leadership have the wisdom to set aside its differences and return our country to greatness.