01/19/2011 02:50 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sandy Kenyon Reviews The World!

When the city of New York added on-screen "entertainment" advertorials to the backseats of our taxis, we knew for sure that the gritty old New York was gone for good. The cab-riding class feels personally assaulted by the constantly-rolling content, and God do we feel badly for the drivers who have to hear the same loop of LX.TV interviews, low-fat Thanksgiving recipes, and Jimmy Kimmel chatting up some guy in an ape suit. If you've ridden in a taxi in the last 6 months, you're no doubt familiar with Sandy Kenyon and the ABC Eyewitness New Movie Minutes.

Comedian Scott Eckert has produced a series of daily parodies of the taxi TV "entertainment" and really nails Kenyon's cadence, inflection, and over-the-top punnyness. Here's a slide show of some hilarious food and wellness trends that Sandy has really (ahem) taken a bite into.

Eckert releases a new video every weekday via tumblr, and boy are they are addictive. Other topics of note: Greece (the country), His Aunt's Funeral, and "The New Yorker."

Today he reviews friendship and speaks the words to that all-too-familiar theme song.

Sandy Kenyon Reviews The World