04/24/2014 04:26 pm ET Updated Jun 23, 2014

Captain America vs. Batman and Superman: A Heavyweight Bout

Alright, alright, alright, it appears that for two major film studios for now May 6, 2016 is set. A gauntlet has been thrown down. Meaning an epic battle may commence between two mighty juggernauts two years from now if neither capitulates to save face, because image is on the line.

The names of the two heavyweights due to compete for voting dollars as each plan to release their superhero films on May 6, 2016, are none other than Disney/Marvel and Warner Bros./DC Entertainment. Furthermore, with the planned opening of Marvel's Captain America 3 film to compete with DC Entertainment's Batman/Superman film, some have already surmised that Cap 3 will come out on top. That may be plausible, given the current arsenal and box office status of Disney/Marvel.

Because according to a recent web article by IGN titled, "The Top 10 Movie Franchises," by Chris Tilly on April 14, 2014, Marvel Cinematic Universe currently sits at number one. Plus with the current release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier which certainly adds mojo. For speaking of mojo, the second Cap film as of April 21 st has earned an impressive $588,196,637 worldwide according to Box Office Mojo. That is so far. Also, Cap 2 has held at number one amongst other competition for three straight weeks.

In addition there's a superb web article by Scott Mendelson of Forbes, who had already forecasted the outcome last month, on March 14, 2014, titled, 'Batman/Superman' Will "Lose" Showdown With 'Captain America 3.' And his forecast was just after news broke the day before on March 13 th in The Hollywood Reporter, an informative web article by Pamela McClintock, revealing Disney/Marvel's untitled movie to open on May 6, 2016 as Cap 3. Keep in mind this news broke over two weeks before the second Cap film's April 4 th North American release, giving credence to the confidence of President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige.

For within Mr. Mendelson's article, there are many good points to consider. Particularly one in which he states, "Batman/Superman must unequivocally succeed in order for Warner Bros. to do whatever Justice League plan they have up their sleeve."

So all things previously mentioned and considered, it is plausible Cap 3 could win the battle. That is when considered from a left brain logical, linear thinking, and deductive reasoning standpoint. After all, they don't nickname Wall Street analysts quant jocks for nothing. Such as actor Zachary Quinto's role in the 2011 Wall Street thriller film Margin Call, who plays an associate in an investment firm's risk assessment management department.

But let's also not neglect the right brain intuitive, fluidly creative, and boldly innovative standpoint to also consider. Now it's here a pragmatist may say, "Darryl, that's not how most business decisions are made." That's true, with usually millions of dollars always on the line.

So to answer a pragmatist, this is where I will introduce what Sun Tzu had said. Sun Tzu was a Chinese military general and tactician who died in 496 BC. Yes that long ago. And his words are still popular, usually amongst us guys. And please believe me; I've met a lot of guys who sought his book The Art of War. For there's a simple quote that says, "If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril." Therefore ignorance is not bliss according to Sun Tzu. Meaning that a Cap 3 film could also fail, by not having taken into account what it is up against when neglecting just two points to consider. And that first point I will introduce here is Batman's clout, or in other words, his undeniably durable star power.

When I previously mentioned Cap 3 may fail I certainly did not mean by definition fail as in flop, like the recent film Transcendence. Although I expect Cap 3 to do well, it may not beat Batman/Superman. Batman has undeniably durable cinematic, comic book/graphic novels, and video game star power, by also taken into account the successful games Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.

Batman is ranked number one in a very good November 10, 2013 web article by Adam B. Vary at Buzzfeed titled, "Who is The Most Successful Box-Office Superhero?" Of the nineteen superheroes listed, Mr. Vary gives his main reason why Batman tops the list as he says, "It helps that the caped crusader is usually open to interpretation...," and then he mentions the directors of the Batman films. This is what I meant by durable, which would certainly help Superman in the expected Batman/Superman film. Furthermore in a web article titled, "The 15 Most Valuable Movie Franchises," on September 4, 2013 by David Crow at Den of Geek, that although Batman is listed at number four, he states, "However, it is hard to beat the single most lucrative superhero of all time." And then later he concludes, " paraphrase Christopher Nolan, they'll still be making Batman movies after we're all long dead." Which leads to my second point some may also neglect to consider, and that is this, Christopher Nolan's pure bona-fide street cred.

When you've got cred on the street it's mighty hard to get beat. For example Elena Sheppard wrote a wonderful web article on July 5, 2012 at PolicyMic titled, "Dark Knight Rises Encore: Christopher Nolan Should Remake James Bond Next." Not only does she state he's among the most sought after directors and writers, something we all knew when Nolan directed his Batman trilogy, he also shared screenplay and story with David S. Goyer, to which after Batman Begins when his brother Jonathan Nolan joined the team, Ms. Sheppard also states, "Seemingly a man with a Midas touch, no matter what project Nolan chooses to take on next will certainly turn to box office gold." Then also the film Inception, which is unforgettable with its blend of corporate espionage, action-suspense, and surrealism, Christopher Nolan had both directed and wrote the story to such a spectacularly imaginative film. And let's not also forget Man of Steel that he not only produced, but also crafted the story to the Superman film which did very well worldwide.

For just last week coincidentally I met two delightful women, both teachers. I'll call them Briana and Tirza although their real names did begin with B and T. Whereas Tirza teaches 5th grade, Briana teaches younger kids Special Ed. Soon after, we somehow started talking about Man of Steel. I told the two women when I saw the Superman film on opening day the theater was packed, and when it was over everyone clapped. I saw it again a week later but the theater was light as everyone else then was checking out World War Z. I saw it a third time three months later at a discount theater one night, again it was packed and again afterwards everyone clapped. Briana shared she too liked Man of Steel. In fact I think she said she owns it, and she got Tirza excited about it. Such is the imaginative reach of Christopher Nolan.

So there you have it, the two points I've mentioned to consider, knowing Batman's durable clout, and Christopher Nolan's bona-fide street cred. Again I'm not knocking Captain America for in my previous HuffPost blog titled, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Believe the Hype" I gave the film an A. Furthermore as I previously mentioned Pamela McClintock of The Hollywood Reporter, in her informative web article titled, "Mystery Solved: 'Captain America 3' to Challenge Batman-Superman Head On (Exclusive)," it was revealed that Disney/Marvel had claimed the May 6, 2016 opening date first. Be that as it may, the Batman/Superman film will be hard to beat. I expect a heavyweight title fight, as in a historic Muhammad Ali fight of day's yore, as in the 'Thrilla in Manila.'