05/02/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Electric Cars Are Un-American -- That's Crazy...Even For Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is in heaven. (I'd use the phrase "pig in shit" but I see no need to be disrespectful...or too on the money.) You see, there's a Democrat in the White House, so the gloves are off. Rush is free to unleash all of his bile and bias until he's whipped up his base into a lovely Socialist fearing hate filled frothy frenzy. It's what he does.

And since I've never met anyone who's a "new" Limbaugh fan, I've got to assume that he spends his time preaching to a faithful choir. He uses a fairly predictable song list that we've all heard before. Feel free to sing along: Liberals are bad, Conservatives are good, increased government spending is bad, tax cuts for the rich are good, OxyContin is good, getting caught doctor-shopping to get a lot of it is bad, e-i-e-i-oh.

And this time around, since the Conservative movement in this country seems to be searching for a guru, El-Rusho's stock has gone up. So much so that if anyone dares to disagree with their gelatinous leader, they quickly have to apologize and beg his forgiveness. Of course this feeds the beast, creating an ego that even his fervent flock are surprised could grow any larger.

But unlike the political sheep who think they need Limbaugh's blessing, I'm not running for office. I'm not running for anything. So I couldn't care less what Limbaugh thinks of my opinions. Therefore, even though Rush probably doesn't like that his critics are protected by the same Constitution that he claims needs his protection, I'm going to exercise my right of free speech granted by its First Amendment.

It would take too long for me to point out all the wrong thinking that Limbaugh spews as truth, so I'm going to jump right to the most recent and, I believe, most stupid example of the swill he feeds to his minions. I heard this myself. Why do I listen to his radio show? I suppose because I'm weak. I'm also powerless to look away from train wrecks and circus geeks.

Now stay with me here, because this little gem of insanity is kind of hard to follow. Ready?

Battery powered rechargeable cars are un-American.

That's right. According to His Wackness, when the Obama administration endorses the development of any vehicle that doesn't use a gasoline burning internal combustion engine, it's an example of how they want to take away another of our basic freedoms.

Yes, you read it correctly. Encouraging electric vehicle research and production is against our core American values. You see, according to Limbaugh, Americans like to be able to get in their cars and drive for as long and far as they want to without being "forced" to stop and recharge their batteries. And if the Obama administration continues to promote greener reusable, rechargeable automotive technology, they're out to deny flag loving Americans their rights.

Next he'll be discouraging the use of anything but automatic weapons because true Americans don't want to be forced to stop and reload. Mind you, he hasn't said that. Not yet. But stay tuned.

No, don't.

I'll keep listening, so you don't have to.